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  The cannabis specific, wild harvested microbe consortium is at the heart of our products platform.  During our research and development, we grew out over 1000 cultivars in 13 of the worlds climate zones.  Over 7 years of continuous, no-till, living soil cycles, we were able to isolate a consortium that was unique to the cannabis plant.  Not only did it specialize in solubilizing locked up P and other nutrients, it interacted with the plant in a way that was extremely efficient and direct.  The result of this enhanced communication was increased yields,  phytohormone stimulation, more biomass, fuller spectrum of trace cannabinoid and terpene profiles and  an increased tolerance to abiotic stress.  


  The specific plant-associated microbes held the key to modulate hormone levels and metabolism in the plant tissue and they optimized the balance within the plant which alleviated the energy required to deal with the ever changing external environment, leading to increased natural genetic tendencies.   

  Our patent pending phytohormone extraction and microbe isolation method that creates our products enhances your cultivar's ability to express it's full genetic potential. Our products come from the plant, for the plant!



Our Roots and Foundation

Our commitment to ethnobotanical research, microbiology and innovative techniques, have become the bedrock to our ever growing product lines and methodologies.  Our pioneering bio-technology puts Garden Prodigy on the forefront of tomorrows cannabis applied sciences.

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